Thursday, April 10, 2014

Julep Box #1

Julep Maven is a nail polish subscription box that includes beauty items as well. The service is $20 a month.

Pro: The service allows you to preview boxes from various styles so that you can choose to try a new style or stick with your own.

Pro: Through taking a brief style quiz Julep suggested the modern beauty collection. Here is what I got in my first box:

Pro: The Charming lip gloss is a great color. It was long lasting and provided hydration.
Pro: The Kajal Eye Glider has two colors black and brown that blend really well and are easy to apply.

Pro: Julep also provided a sharpener as well for the eye pencil.

Con: This box didn't have any nail polish in it which was a disappointment but I am able to choose the box I get next month.

If you want to check out Julep Maven here is my link:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Le Tote #2

Despite liking quite a few items from my first tote (check out the first review for details about the service) I sent it back to see what I would get next. Here is the review of my next tote through its pros and cons:

Pro: Le tote provides you with a prepaid shipping envelope to send your items back in. You can track the progress of how quickly your items get sent back and they quickly send out another package.

Con: While these Adia Kibur Crystal earrings were pretty they were too much for me and I didn't end up wearing them. This is the second tote where the earrings have been a miss for me so I will be reevaluating my style profile.

Retail price: $28
Member price: $19

Pro: I saw the Simone Wrap blouse on the site and thought it looked great on the model. When I opened up the tote I disappointed at first as I thought it was bulky and did not look quite right. However I ended up wearing it twice, once at work paired with some black slacks and then again on the weekend paired with some white khakis. This gave me the opportunity to try a shirt that was outside of my comfort zone.

Retail Price: $44
Member Price: $15

Pro: I also thought this Olive and Oak Nautical blouse was not right for me at first but when I paired it with some skinny jeans it actually really complemented me.

Retail Price: $78
Member Price: $39

Con: The Catherine Cascade jacket is pictured with the Cotton Candy Strand necklace. The jacket and necklace were nice but the necklace didn't fit my style while the jacket just didn't fit!

Retail price: $58
Member price: $40

Retail price: $32
Member price: $19

Pro: The first tote and this tote didn't have items that complemented each other. I sent an email to customer service and they added it to my style profile that I would like items that go together. Le tote's customer service is fast and was responsive to my needs. I'm looking forward to seeing what I get next.

If you want to check out Le tote for yourself you can do so here:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Le Tote #1

Le tote is not necessarily a subscription box service however you get clothes in the mail that you can add to your wardrobe so I will be reviewing it with pros and cons.

Le tote has been called the netflix for fasion. For $49 a month (or $19 if you just want three jewelry pieces) get unlimited monthly clothing totes. Each tote comes with three garments and two accessories. You can wear the items for as long as you like or send them back for new items. You can also keep any of the items for a discounted prices. Le tote also offers a free month if you purchase an entire tote.

Pro: While $49 can seem expensive if you wear the clothes and return them quickly you can get up to 3-4 boxes a month compared to other similar services which only provide one box a month.

Pro: The service provides a mailing envelope so all you have to do is put the clothes back in the bag and put it in your mailbox.

Pro: No cleaning required! Le tote handles all dry cleaning services.

Pro/Con: Le tote allows you to select the clothes you like. While other services offer a blind selection, Le tote has their inventory online allowing you to hand select the items you want to receive. This can be a plus or a negative. If you want the element of surprise you will be disappointing but if you are picky about what you wear it will work for you.

Pro: The quality of the clothing is high with brands such as French Connection, BB Dakota and more. The selection is also updated often as they have new arrivals coming in all the time.

Con: At times the clothing and jewelry selections do not seem to go together. It would be nice for the stylists to send pieces that go together.

Here is a review of the first tote I received:

Pro: These Adia Kibur silver earrings were beautiful.

Con: However the style of the earrings did not fit me. I marked on the site that they were not for me and hopefully this will inform the stylists choices for me.

Retail price: $24
Member price: $16

Pro: This City Sleek bracelet was pretty and I paired it with the Paloma Peplum Blouse.
Con: The bracelet was a little clunky for work.

Retail price: $24
Member price: $18.

Pro: The Brooke Grecian dress was comfortable and fit.

Con: The style was particularly not for and was not work appropriate so I sent it back.

Retail Price: $69
Member Price: $48

Pro: I loved the Paloma Peplum blouse. When I first took it out of the tote I thought it was too big and would not look good on me. If I saw it in the store I would never have tried it on. However when I wore it I loved how it looked on me and it fit perfectly. This is one of the benefits of the service that you get to wear clothes that are out of your comfort zone.

Retail price: $48
Member price: $33
Pro: This was my favorite item of the tote. The Tigress maxi shirt was comfortable and made from the softest fabric. I paired the skirt with a black shirt and some sandals. I received multiple compliments throughout the day from my co-workers.

Retail Price: $79
Member Price: $55

Overall I loved this tote and was excited to continue to receive items from Le tote.

Le tote offers new members $10 purchase credit. If you are interested in signing up you can do so at: